Vision, Strategy & Company Values

We have a clear vision which reflects our well-diversified portfolio; strong relationships with the right partners and a clear strategy to create and deliver value for our shareholders.

The creation of Action Hotels was the result of careful planning. Our focus is to provide quality accommodation at exceptional value in central and convenient locations in under-supplied markets. Our partnership with international hotel brands and operators allows us to diversify our portfolio of hotels and develop the most suitable properties in each of our markets.

Our Vision

Our primary objective for Action Hotels is to be the leading economy and midscale hotel business in the Middle East. We may also identify additional projects outside the Middle East where we see significant upside potential, such as Australia.

Our Strategy

We intend to build on our successful track record and established network to grow the number of hotels we operate, to increase profitability through successful revenue growth and cost management, and to maximize the benefits from the partnership with our global operators as the driver to market our business.

Our Company Values

We understand that in order to build a successful and sustainable business model we must ensure that our business adheres to strong corporate values. As such, we are committed to fostering a working environment based on trusted relationships, respect, teamwork, enthusiasm, commitment and care. These criteria have therefore been adopted as our values.