As an international owner of economy and midscale hotels, we are experienced in construction, development, design and operations. We understand how to build and run profitable hotels. Our values ensure that our senior management team is approachable and accessible and remains closely involved in all aspects of the business to enable swift decision-making and maximum performance.

Our collaboration with the leading global hotel brand operators, together with our preferred project management company, Action Real Estate Company and Action Group Holdings gives us outstanding global reach combined with detailed local knowledge in project development.

Action Hotels has built up teams to specifically tailor its organization to the opportunity that presents itself. The team has a track record of identifying, developing and asset managing projects in the region. The lean organizational structure provides AHC with the ability to react rapidly to opportunities and maximize efficiency. These include:


Action Hotels has extensive knowledge of the various local markets and a dedicated development resource providing expertise in sourcing deals and monitoring hotel markets for potential investments. The knowledge acquired through actively working in these markets has proven to be a significant competitive advantage when identifying new opportunities.

Design and project management

Action Hotels has a dedicated technical team and plays an active role in the managing, supervising and monitoring of its projects from inception until final hand-over to ensure the delivery of the project is on time, within budget and meets the required quality.

Active Asset Management & Operations

AHC has a supervisory role to ensure the ownership objectives are achieved. Driven by our sector knowledge and hands-on expertise, we are closely involved with the operators to increase profitability and performance of its hotels. These actions include

  • Reviewing hotel performance including sales & marketing, cost management, staffing levels and providing budgets and business plans.
  • Maintaining partner relationships
  • Establishing capex needs and investment analysis of capital projects
  • Providing project management when necessary
  • Identifying value-enhancing opportunities including efficient reallocation of space
  • Management of fixed charges including insurance and property taxes