Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand how important corporate social responsibility and community engagement are to our stakeholders. At Action Hotels, we believe that strong ethics and good business should go hand in hand. We are committed to operating our company with integrity and in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Our associates have a responsibility to act in accordance with our values and principles and protect the reputation of the company.

For Action Hotels, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) involves going beyond our legal obligations in order to contribute, wherever possible, to a better society. The following initiatives are well-established and are integral to our day to day operations.

A Structured Organization

The board focuses on long term corporate strategies whereas the senior management are responsible for day to day management of the business.

Human Resources

Action Hotels is an equal opportunities employer, committed to providing the best possible working environment for our staff, including training, personal development and support.


We are committed to acting responsibly at all times and making a positive contribution to the communities where we operate

Health & Safety

Action Hotels provides and maintains a safe working environment and fully complies with all relevant health and safety legislation. We support a proactive culture of risk management and constantly strive to reduce the risk of on-site incidents wherever possible.

Protecting the environment and building to the highest standards

We understand our responsibility and role to play for the future. We ensure our working practices respect the environment and we are committed to managing and innovating for a better future.